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Fit Spotting is the first app of its kind dedicated to reviewing, rating and sharing photos of hotel gyms. Fit Spotting brings a new approach to searching hotels to help the fitness traveler find their perfect hotel stay.

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Explore the world as we had the fitness traveler in mind when we built this fun way for searching and sorting hotels based on their fitness amenities.


Find hotels near you wherever you are. Or just search by any other city, airport or just specify a hotel name. You can then dive into the details about their hotel gym and fitness amenities.


Read and share tips, reviews, and post photos regarding any hotel gym. Follow others, rate their reviews and keep track of those who follow back.


Searching for the next hotel stay has never been more fun than with Fit Spotting. It’s all about the hotel gym and hotel fitness amenities.

  • Stylish design

    Simple yet stylish design to help you find the ideal hotel destination.

  • Fun to use

    Discover fascinating hotel gyms and dig into the details about their fitness amenities.

  • Tons of features

    Rate, tag and review hotels based on their gym and fitness amenities. Check out latest hotel prices and finish your booking within the app.

  • Express yourself

    Manage your profile, and check out other users that share the same interest. Everything is centered around the hotel gym.

  • It's Free

    Available exclusively for free in the App Store. Created for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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75K+Hotel Gym Photos



Fit Spotting




"I travel constantly due to my job and now finally I have a tool to make sure I never miss my workouts."




"No more guessing whether my hotel has a gym or not, because now I am picking the hotel with the best fitness center."




"I didn't know there are so many awesome hotel fitness centers that are absolutely out of this world !! "




"I had the best vacation and I didn't need to miss a workout session. It made my trip more complete and relaxing. Thank you."


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"With Fit Spotting, you can pick your next hotel based on your fitness needs. Of course, I realize that may not be the only reason you may want to choose a hotel. However, it is an aspect of the hotel experience that most apps and sites neglect to provide information on and review."

Samantha Pankey


"The Fit Spotting app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a great concept that can really help those who are traveling with a list of amenities they want in their hotel’s fitness center. This health and fitness travel app is well-put-together, fast, and easy to use."



"As a road warrior myself, I find this app extremely useful for planning my fitness on the road. Now I know whether to pack my TRX bands for an in-room workout or whether I can leave them at home and take advantage of a high quality hotel gym."

Jason Galli

Fit Spotting - Hotel Gym Photos and Reviews is now available exclusively on iOS and can be downloaded from the App Store.